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Jenny Deurell

Profesora @ Mallorca Lindy Festival

Jenny started dancing when she was seven years old at Lasse Kh├╝ler’s dance school in Stockholm. She stayed with the school for ten years and became a skilled performer as well as a dancer. She got her passion for jazz music and singing from her mother at an early age and when Jenny was sixteen she left the dance school and started dancing Lindy Hop. Being in love with swing dancing changed Jenny’s life completely, she started dancing professionally at nineteen years old and is now celebratinug a decade of performing and teaching around the world. Apart from dancing, Jenny has studied theatre and music and loves to mix the genres together. She has been in many plays and cabarets, both as an actress, singer, and a dancer. She has also produced and directed several of the shows herself. Jenny has been a member of the dance company Harlem Hot Shots since 2005. Dancing and performing with the Harlem Hot Shots has made her a skilled Charleston and jazz dancer as well as a Lindy Hopper. She has been teaching since 2004 with a variety of dance partners, her focus is on musicality and improvisation.